My many parts include mother, wife, sister, friend, farmer, animal lover, people lover, equestrian, teacher, writer, cook.  My world is wide open field green and sky blue as I tend to horses, alpacas, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. I process, prepare, and preserve my husband’s harvest, and I spend as much time as I can cultivating and harvesting my inner farm. I join an amazing cohort of those discovering more about food and sustainability, establishing a deeply intentional lifestyle on the fields and woods we are privileged to steward.

But life hasn’t always been like this. Not so long ago a city girl, I appreciate culture and cuisine with the best. Manhattan and Paris and Washington and London – you have served me well and given me wonderful contemplations. I’ll visit again, but farm life is full enough for now. I rise before the sun and put the farm to bed long after. While I am still selectively connected to the civilization that goes on within a short commute and manage to clean up just fine when city duties call, I must say I revel in the fact that most of my days begin and end in pajamas and boots.

— Lee