Grounded Vantage Point

The ground may be 15.2 hands beneath me (for the non equestrian, that’s just over five feet), but I have always felt grounded in many things when riding Bud. That is where I remember who I am and what I stand for. There is a place in which or upon which all of us feel most like the person we were created to be – where connections are deep and make sense.

When I discovered this special place and companion, I could never go back to a life without it. I found myself there. I recognize myself there. But it is not always easy to remember this.  A million demands prey upon the day, obscuring the all important charge to take time to nurture what is most important and to acknowledge and celebrate – even if for a moment – our total at-one-ment with life. Get to the place. Realize the perspective. Find the vantage point that all else radiates from. For me, it has been on Bud.

Now Bud is a metaphor. Now without his big, spirited personal presence, I am learning to find the way  back to the saddle, even if – especially if – I can’t physically be in it on him, even when I am on the ground looking up to a five-foot place of grounding.

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